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I’ve always been a truth seeker, an outside of the box thinker and perceiver of the world but prior to my intense, fast-paced spiritual awakening I was a longtime skeptic and cynic  disconnected from the divine truth within my heart and soul.

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Lotus Biography

I’m Lin, an Intuitive Mindset Coach, and writer.

I’ve always been a truth seeker, an outside of the box thinker and perceiver of the world but prior to my intense, fast-paced spiritual awakening I was a longtime skeptic and cynic buried deep within ancestral wounding, egoic and societal programming of my mind; disconnected from the divine truth within my heart and soul.

I did well in school but rarely found the depth of value I was seeking until I went deep within myself. Beneath the layers of societal conditioning and my feminine wounding, I desperately yearned to be free to embody my divine feminine essence, live my passion and purpose, and guide other women down their own divine paths. Through my spiritual awakening, I experienced much adversity and simultaneously experienced continuous miraculous synchronicities within my daily life, the little breadcrumbs of light that led me through the darkness, reassuring and guiding me along the path to where I am today. Not a day goes by where some lovely little profound synchronicities reveal themselves to me.

Albert Einstein spoke the deepest truth when stating, “Adversity introduces a man to himself” and this couldn’t have been more true in my life and the lives of my clients. Despite always being called to spirituality, as a longtime yoga practitioner and Yoga Teacher (RYT 300) but half of me was stuck in the egoic program of my mind and the atheistic perception that, there is no god and if there is one, I asked to be shown and oh was I shown rapidly, first in early 2016 by feeling the energies of my then, recently passed Uncle (who I was very close to) guiding me; claircognizant knowings guiding me along my path through music, movies, meeting specific people along my way; continuous number synchronicities specific to my personal journey; dreams I was having as premonitions of things to manifest into my life; my Kundalini awakening, where I felt an intense heart chakra awakening pulsing through my heart center and outward through my entire body and being while simultaneously feeling the very real presence of my Angelic guides in my home as this was happening that randomly brought me onto my knees in tears (not from pain or sadness but from the beautiful, deeply profound feeling of spiritual union within); seeing colors in meditation and random waves of colors still to this day occasionally wash themselves over my energy, pointing to my Angelic guidance and the healing energy that is being gifted to me in times of needing cleansed and even the meanings of my tattoos I had gotten years prior started to all piece together deep spiritual meaning and guidance on my path as my highest self was always leading the way (even before I knew about or believed in a higher self). So, naturally trust in my inner knowing became stronger quickly as all of this hit me in a very short span of time. I still am and will always be deeply connected to my intuition that I’m walking my divine path. Once you awaken, there is no going back and despite the adversity, I wouldn’t go back if I could.

2016 was really that year for me that the universe began gently nudging me in the direction of deepening my spirituality via learning more about astrology, tarot, and oracle readings. The gentle nudge from tarot quickly transformed into a firm nudge of a rapid spiritual awakening journey to help assist, support, and create a safe space for others’ healing and guide the collective’s awakening process through coaching and guidance. I’m a top-rated energy reader and coach, who has guided thousands since early 2018. I’ve quickly discovered tarot to be a tiny healing tool along the path and the majority of what I do is coaching and guidance as this is where the real transformation unfolds. My intuition led me to this point: meeting the depths of myself, my triggers, wounds, patterns, shadows, broke open old false belief systems, mental programs, ancestral baggage, crumbled repeating low vibrational relationships and work experiences, released my numbing techniques of overworking myself to burnout and accepting less than I deserved and desired in relationships and career and cured my previously “genetic, lifetime diagnosed and prescribed anxiety and seasonal depression,” avoidance and rejection of my own emotions, lacked consistent, healthy boundaries, I was emotionally, mentally and physically unbalanced, exhausted and depleted and embraced my divine truth. I personally know what rock bottom feels like, the heaviest, darkest energy placed upon your entire being; where getting up is challenging but becomes the only option, as it’s only up from here. Without transcending and acknowledging your shadow, we cannot feel, heal and step into our light.

And thus, “The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow,” stated by Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin

Now, I’m a self-employed, top-rated energy reader and intuitive coach on a corporate app and I reach clients Worldwide, where I’ve guided thousands with a 98% satisfaction rate.

I guide individuals aching for more from life to turn their pain into power.

The spiritual beauty of the Lotus cannot be accessed until you descend the deepest, muddiest, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual depths of yourself. I’m here to help you ascend out of the mud of your circumstances and past stories, up through the murky waters of your emotions, so you may rise above, bloom into your most beautiful, fullest potential, just as the Lotus.

“No mud, no lotus.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Inner union of ourselves and our alignment is the key to outer union, the heightened outer reality in life and love.

Raise your vibration out of these old, low vibrational patterns, as they can’t go with you into the high vibrational reality upon you.

If you’re ready to awaken your divine power and raise your frequency, learn more about my coaching program Inner Jewel: Divine Feminine Embodiment and on’t forget to connect with me on Instagram!

Much love,


October 12, 2021

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