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I’ve always been a truth seeker, an outside of the box thinker and perceiver of the world but prior to my intense, fast-paced spiritual awakening I was a longtime skeptic and cynic  disconnected from the divine truth within my heart and soul.

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Raise Your Vibration Out of The Old And Low

The Beginning

2015 me had NO IDEA what was to come. To the average person, I may look alright here but to those more in tune, who read energy the discontent is written all over my face. However, this point in my life eventually lead to me embracing my divine feminine power.

This wasn’t necessarily a “bad” point in my life, it wasn’t rock bottom for me just yet, but life felt empty. I was overworked, underpaid, and although I’ve always been rather in tune with myself I was still attempting to receive some clarity or direction in the external circumstances in my life. I was numbing, chasing clarity in all the wrong places, all the surface level cycles in life: in money, in a relationship that wasn’t meant to continue along my journey and I wasn’t meant to continue on his, in photoshoots, in concerts, in anxiety…essentially this was my pre-awakening. I have no regrets, as all of the chasing my truth in all the wrong places (outside myself) led me to my spiritual awakening, going within FULLY and of course guess what came from it? Yep…my truth, what I want in life, my gifts and what I’m here to do…to shed light.

My Awakening

Of course what it took to arrive there was going through the depths of myself, my shadows and my awakening to rise above and bloom up from the darkness into the light but we’ll get to that giant story another day.Today, I’m grateful for her, this woman who just wanted to embody her divine feminine essence and truth yet she didn’t know she was looking in all the wrong places. This is why I’m here, for all the women who have been tirelessly looking in all the wrong places; depleted and overwhelmed from those empty, repetitive cycles. I’m here to help you flip the script and go within; heal your wounds, release your patterns and embody your YOUnique, empowered, highest version of yourself.

Raise Your Vibration

The spiritual beauty of the Lotus cannot be accessed until you descend the deepest, muddiest, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual depths of yourself.

Ascend out of the mud of your circumstances and past stories, up through the murky waters of your emotions, so you may rise above, bloom into your most beautiful, fullest potential, just as the Lotus.

“No mud, no lotus.” Thich Nhat HanhInner

Union of ourselves and our alignment is the key to the outer union, the heightened outer reality in life and love.

Raise your vibration out of these old, low vibrational patterns, as they can’t go with you into the high vibrational reality upon you.

If you’re ready to embody your divine feminine power and raise your frequency, learn more about my coaching program, Inner Jewel: Divine Feminine Embodiment and be sure to connect with me on Instagram.

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January 28, 2022

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