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I’ve always been a truth seeker, an outside of the box thinker and perceiver of the world but prior to my intense, fast-paced spiritual awakening I was a longtime skeptic and cynic buried deep within ancestral wounding, egoic and societal programming of my mind; and disconnected from the divine truth within my heart and soul.

I'm here to help you FEEL that Paradise is a State of Mind

hey beautiful soul,

My intuition led me here through the adversity of my past:
my triggers; patterns; shadows; broke open, old, false belief systems; crumbling, repeating low vibrational relationships and work experiences; avoidance and rejection of my emotions; and lack of consistent, healthy boundaries; numbing techniques of overworking myself to burnout and accepting less than I deserved and desired in love and life. I was unbalanced, exhausted, depleted 
and this all brought me to embrace my divine truth.

I didn't use to be this content with myself or my life...

my story - part 1 of 3

I hit rock bottom; the heaviest, darkest energy placed upon my entire being; where getting up was challenging but became the only option, as it was only up from there. Without transcending and acknowledging our shadow, we cannot feel, heal and step into our light. Beneath the layers of societal conditioning and my feminine wounding, I desperately yearned to be free to embody my divine feminine essence, live my passion and purpose and guide other women down their own divine paths. 

Everything changed for me the moment I realised...

my story - part 2 of 3

Through my spiritual awakening, despite much adversity,
I simultaneously experienced miraculous synchronicities within my daily life, the little breadcrumbs of light that led me through the darkness, reassuring and guiding me along path to where I am today. Albert Einstein spoke the deepest truth when stating, “Adversity introduces a man to himself” and this couldn’t have been more true in my life and the lives of many of my clients. Now, I’m a self employed, top-rated energy reader and intuitive coach and I reach clients Worldwide, where I’ve guided hundreds with a 98% satisfaction rate. I guide individuals aching for more from life to 
turn their pain into power.

Which brings me to this moment - talking to you right now!

my story - part 3 of 3

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